Take Back the Skies

Take Back the Skies - Lucy Saxon I rarely write long reviews, but I've a feeling this one is going to be the lengthiest one yet!

This book made me feel so many emotions, and they were strong. Actually, this was recommended to me by a friend, not because it was good, but because it was so awful. She said, and I quote "I wanted to throw it against the wall, but I couldn't as I was in a hotel and the neighbors would hear."

Of course, only reading it myself would make me believe any book was that terrible, so I take it and have a read.

The first thing I notice is that the writing is sub-par. I can deal with a stupid book as long as I like the writing style, but the author's language and writing style left much to be desired.

Once I finally got the hang of reading the wonky style, the next thing to annoy me was quite petty, I'll admit: Tellus? Americus? Fox? How about no?

That, however, isn't enough to give a book one star. The story itself pissed me off. She runs away to escape being married to someone she doesn't love, which is fine by me. She meets your stereotypical guy. Sure. She falls for him. Okay. Fatal mistake one: the author kills off Fox. Why the heck did I learn so much about him if you're going to kill him in the last ten pages? That is NOT OKAY. It wasn't necessary! No! No! Then, to add insult to injury, the protagonist marries the prince, whom, I add, SHE DOES NOT LOVE. Isn't that the whole reason she ran away? Why is Fox even here? Why? Why? Why?

I did throw this book.